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Welcome to our brand new blog - what we're going to get up to in the school holidays and beyond, news and views and all about how to keep your kids away from the TV and play station!!! 

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  1. Alfie's feet   Alfie's feet

     The last post was entitled 'Wet Weather' and this one could be 'Wet and Windy weather!  Time to get the wellies and macs out and go for a bracing walk in the park.If you can bear to go out that is- and then back home for a nice cup of tea.  This kind of day reminds us of the book Alfie's feet when he gets his yellow wellington boots (on the wrong feet) and splashes in every puddle in the park!  




  2. Well there's been a limit to how many posts you can do entitled 'On the beach' or 'In a rockpool', but the tail end of Bertha has put paid to summer for the time being and racked our brains for indoor ideas

    Who remembers that old favourite plasticine?  Not play dough that dries out and goes brittle but good old stick in the carpet plasticiine.  Thank goodness for laminate floors?   

    This making up animals game has gone on for a few days now...apparently they are to be kept forever......

    Plasticine Plasticine Plasticine


    Can you tell what they are?  

    I think?? that this is a more advanced version of plasticine than we used to have - Plasticine funtubulous clay game - a tub costs around £6.99 ...and is infinitely reusable 



  3. We saw this idea in the newspaper and thought we'd try it out

    So simple - go on a country walk - we went up to the stone circle on a common near us....

    Stone circle

    make bracelets out of parcel tape with the sticky side out

    and stick anything you can find like leaves flowers and grasses to them.

    It turned into a bit of a competition to find as many different items as possible

    and if you had a wild flower guide (which of course we didn't ) we could have made it educational too.

    nature bracelet nature bracelet nature bracelet

    There were other interesting things like crickets and dung beetles.  

    7 year old boys like dung beetles they appeal to their lavatorial sense of humour!