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Welcome to our brand new blog - what we're going to get up to in the school holidays and beyond, news and views and all about how to keep your kids away from the TV and play station!!! 

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    Not counting the weekend this was the first official day of school holidays.  We celebrated by going to the beach.  Actually we picked the wrong beach and the sand was muddy and sticky.  That didn't stop the intrepid eldest finding a stick (what else) and poking about in a pool, and getting filthy!!!

    Boy was it hot - we came home a bit sooner than anticipated, due to state of sand and heat and the two year old, and ran baths

    on the beach
    secret sandwich loaf

    But not before we had our picnic.  Experimented with a secret sandwich loaf from a Rose Prince recipe.  It went down really well. The kids were fooled into thinking we had just brought a loaf!    Apparently its a good way of keeping sandwiches fresh, but there's a bit of waste.   Rose Prince has quite posh fillings in hers - we had ham .....

    The  'how to do it' is on  https://twitter.com/Rose_Prince/status/474569739394506752

    you will see that hers is far more professional....

      secret sandwich loaf